Air Travel Tips For Parents of Toddlers

The person who first coined the phrase “flying the friendly skies” was obviously not traveling with young children. If at some point in the future you will be finding yourself on a cramped airplane with a rambunctious toddler (or two), first of all let me offer my condolences. As the mother of two boys and a veteran of the so-called friendly skies, I have been in your shoes more than once.Yes, I know – you don’t need my sympathy, or my empathy, or my condolences. You need help! So, for what it is worth, here are my words of experience (errr, I mean wisdom) on how to survive your next trip:Toddler Air Travel Tips #1: Do not use the white paper bag in the seat pocket in front of you as a paper airplane!It does not matter that you spent a small fortune loading your Vera Bradley carry-on luggage with goodies aimed at keeping your two-year old entertained for hours. There is an unwritten rule that dictates that your toddler will get bored within the first fifteen minutes of departure.That white paper bag in the seat pocket in front of you will begin to beckon to you, with the promise that if you transform it into a paper airplane or an origami sculpture, that the tiny passenger sitting beside you will be well-behaved for the next two hours of your trip.Stop – don’t do it! Trust me, as soon as you dismantle the bag, your toddler will upchuck everything he ate for breakfast. And guess where that spew of regurgitated food bits will be directed. Yes, that’s right – you will be the unwilling recipient! Your pants, your shoes, yes, even your brand new Vera Bradley luggage, will be covered in the once-digested remains of his breakfast.My advice – as soon as you board the plane, locate the paper bag and place it where you can grab it within a moment’s notice. And do not touch it again, unless you need it for its intended use.Toddler Air Travel Tips #2: Do not let your toddler out of his seat when the fasten seat belt lights turns off.I don’t have to tell you that toddlers have a difficult time sitting still for two minutes, let alone two hours. Their little legs were built for running, kicking and jumping.With that in mind, prepare yourself for the fact that your toddler is going to whine, and squirm, and complain, and squirm some more. However, no matter how much he squirms and complains, do not unfasten his seat belt. If you do, be prepared to regret your decision. Why? Well, freed from the constraints of the seat belt, he will wrestle past you into the aisle, and then his inner instinct to run will take over. You can only imagine the rest of the fiasco that will take place.My advice – do not unbuckle your child’s seat belt for any reason. Better yet, bring his car seat with you on the plane, and strap him in good!Toddler Air Travel Tips #3: Never make eye contact with the other adult passengers.Unfortunately, the majority of your co-passengers will not be sympathetic to your situation. There is something about flying, perhaps it’s the cramped conditions, the high altitude, or the recycled air, that makes them forget that they were once children, or had children, or that the world would end if it were not for children. To them, you are the enemy.My advice – you should avoid making eye contact with the other adult passengers on the plane. Spare yourself the stares and glares, because what you do not know will not hurt you. You have enough on your plate, without adding a big side helping of guilt.Finally, keep your expectations realistic. You will survive this journey. Perhaps, you will even have your own travel tips and words of wisdom to impart when it’s over!

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The Future of the Job Market and Employment Trends

After suffering through one of the toughest job markets in our lifetime over the last eight years, you might be wondering what to expect as we look into our crystal ball. If you eliminate the last 6 years, only once in the last fifty years has the unemployment rate exceeded 9%, which was in 1982, and only once, in 1975, it exceeded 8.5%. As we move forward, which we received no help from our political leaders, but rather the resilience of capitalism, one might ask, where is the job market headed and what can we expect in occupational employment trends? This publication has more detailed material by downloading from the website winning sales strategy.In 1985, fresh out of college, I was employed as an accountant in the family building material business. We hired a management consultant to come into the business and help us to make some strategic and future directions. This person was a retired FBI agent and had headed up several companies as their CEO, a bright guy who had his finger on the pulse of business trends. During a lunch interview, he and I were talking about formulating a company strategy. Like any conversation, it gravitated to other topics and he told me that the next big emerging trend was mobile telephone communication, hands free talking devices, I thought to myself, are we ready for such innovation and could it really take off?We all know how this industry exploded and very few people would have even imagined the explosive growth. Think about this, in 1985, if someone would have said, “In 20 years, every member of your family will own a mobile phone, even your children. Your kids will communicate with all their friends through text messaging, and your will be paying thousand of dollars for high tech communication devices and hundreds of dollars per month in service charges”. You would have thought this statement was completely outrageous, then to make this even more extreme, long distance phone service would be completely eliminated.So what employment trends can we expect to emerge in the future?A healthy and ageless population – Industries and occupations related to health care, personal care, health support (HPCS – health and personal care and health support) will be the jobs in most demand through 2020. The baby boomers will move entirely into the 55 plus age group by 2020. The HPCS sector is expected to grow collectively by almost 35% (see table 1), driven primarily by the aging population and secondarily by the reduction in quality health care from Obama care. Older Americans will be much more health conscientious opting for health maintenance and prevention. In addition to the HPCS segment growing strongly, but also expect related industries such as vitamins, personal in home training, social assistance, in home care aids, pharmacy technicians, dental assistant, health care administrators, medical records technicians, and physical therapists. Register nurses have been in demand for many years and this will continue to be in strong demand.Building the American Dream – According to many projections, the housing infrastructure in America has lagged behind population growth. The economic downturn and collapse of the housing market over the past several years has precluded many Americans from purchasing homes. The housing and construction industry has historically contributed almost 20% to the annual GDP. The Hispanics will have a large influence on the housing market due to the fact that this demographic is expected to increase from 14.8% of the labor force in 2010 to 18.6% in 2020. Employment in the construction industry, still at low levels since the beginning of the recession in 2007, will recover to record levels in the next 8 years. One caveat however, residential construction peaked in 2005 at slightly over 2 million single-family and multi-family units. This was an artificially statistic because many homeowners were given loans under the sub-prime lending initiative, and may of these homes went into default. A realistic and safe housing statistic is to maintain annual starts at a peak of 1.2 million units. Another point of conflict could be the collapse of the multi-family market over the next couple of years. As consumers move from the over-built multi family housing into more traditional single family homes, there will be a glut of apartment and rentals on the market driving down rental rates.The shift from foreign to domestic goods – For the first time in a long time, nerdy is the new – new. We have had far too many students who earned math, science and applied engineering degrees over the last decade. As the economy moves away from a global economy to a domestically sourced movement, the demands for electrical, structural, mechanical, and petroleum engineers will increase. American has the largest reserves of crude oil in the world, the Obama administration has negatively impacted our domestic production of oil, this will change dramatically as he moves out of the White house. You will see a big movement to change sourcing from import to domestic goods and services. Students earning math and science degrees will make a more dramatic impact on the economic output while encouraging American companies to source their goods and services on shore.Wal-Mart has announced a shift in policy to purchase more domestic goods, as much as $50 billion over the next 10 years. Other companies like GE and Apple have announced similar plans to source more goods produced on American soil. Mom-Popolies, small family owned business entities, have devoted their entire business strategy around American made goods and services. As students enter college and understand how destructive it is for American companies to support foreign goods, they will be more encouraged and have a greater influence on their employers to competitively source American products. One of the most decisive factors favoring American companies is the fact that China has become increasingly less competitive in the global market due to its rising labor costs, couple this with rising transportation costs and you have a recipe for the resurgence of American products.The Emergence of the New Financial Sector – The millenials and other swill be looking for ways to maintain their lifestyles after retirement since the social security system will be non-existent for this group. Smaller regional banking institutions will replace the massive national players since consumers will be looking for a more home-town approach to banking. Additionally, the big banks have nickel and dimed their fee structures to the point of being ridiculous and people are simply tired of paying these banks for these services when the smaller more nimble banks have far lees service fee structures.Accountants and financial planners will be in great demand as future generations seek sound financial planning advice and the resurgence of the entrepreneurial spirit in America takes charge. Futures will be looking for employment opportunities with smaller companies or they will be exploring options to venture out on their own.The Future – The tables below illustrate the sectors where employment will be the most robust and what to expect over the next 7 to 8 yearsHealthcare SupportPersonal Care and ServiceHealthcare Practitioners / techniciansCommunity and Social ServiceConstruction and ExtractionComputer and MathematicalBusiness and FinancialLife, Physical, and Social SciencesEducation, Training,Transportation and MaterialInstallation, Maintenance and repairArts, Design, Entertainment, sports and leisureSales and RelatedProtective ServiceArchitecture and EngineeringLegalOffice and AdministrativeManagementSource: Bureau of Labor StatisticsPolitical Implications – The finger pointing in Washington is getting out of control. We should not care what Bush did, and we should care less what Obama has inherited. The fact of the matter is that the overall collapse of the economy and eventual recession was caused long before these two guys had any influence. First of all, the demise of our economy started when we the fed took their eye off the ball and allowed so many sub-prime loans on home mortgages, second, we should have never waged such an expensive war in the Middle East and third, big government is not the answer.The problem with our economy was started by Clinton, overlooked by Bush and ignored by Obama who tried to shape America in many ways but failed to address the core of the problem. Americans, in all shapes and form, need to embrace a political candidate who maintains capitalism as their primary economic platform. Give a man a fish, you feed him for one day, teach a man to fish, you feed him for life. What has Obama done? Nothing. His legacy will be class warfare, a failed national health care platform and creating bigger government to drown the economy. You will see future candidates elected who can run on a platform of maintaining the American standard we have all known throughout history.Macro Job Market – During this decade, 2010 – 2020, we can expect to create about 54.5 million jobs. Occupations that require postsecondary levels of education are expected to be fastest growing sector. Despite that almost all Americans will be facing higher taxes in the coming years, thanks to Obama; the economy should expand at a 2.5% to 3% pace. This country needs to add 2.0 million new jobs each year to maintain a realistic and constant reduction in unemployment and energetic industrial sector. The proof lies with industry and the private sector job creation. Many companies have sat on the sideline over the last 5 years hoarding corporate profits because of the uncertainty in their future tax liability. Now that there is a clearly defined outlook, at some point the private and public sector needs to begin hiring again in an effort to expand their business.

Discover the Advantages of Lifestyle Trader Program

When the world takes different turns, you have to to change with the flow. Seldom has it become so important to know how to survive financially with such a changing economy. Corporations are downsizing, relocating, rethinking strategies and becoming more efficient. This very well may put you out on the street without a employment through no error of your own.

The real estate market used to be a means of avoiding layoff by buying cheap properties and recapturing profit. But now the real estate market is out of control and with little money on hand, the percentage profit on these deals are no longer beneficial. So what does a person do?

There are just three ways today that can provide a means of income that is ample enough to survive, employment for someone else or entrepreneurship, the real estate market, or trading stocks. The choices have just become limited. Most individuals are scared to death of the stock market. They remember hearing the terrible stories of the stock market crash and individuals that lost their life savings and jumping to their deaths in sorrow.

With new intelligence and excellent learning aids that have been put into place over the past seven decades, we have gotten smarter though. Learning tried and true techniques, such as Lifestyle Trader, you are in control and your jeopardy is little. This class will teach you when to get in and when to jump out, the most important key in playing the stock market.

However before you start any type of a trading class, you must have the mindset to succeed. If you are the type of individual that will attempt something one time, hit a pitfall and throw in the towel, lifestyle trading pitfall is the program for you. Trading takes ascertainment, endurance, and most of all, an absolute need to triumph.

An Australian, by the name of Rob Wilson, came up with the Lifestyle Trading study guide. He is more commonly referred to as ‘Aussie Rob’ in the stock market realm. Beginning a career as a diesel mechanic apprentice, a time serving in the Army and later entrepreneurship, Aussie Rob discovered that there had to be a more excelling way so he began studying every training tape and situation available.

Aussie Rob has learned and taken the lumps before coming up with a superior learning program designed for those that know nothing about entering the trading market. Stocks have always been a tight lipped sector because if everyone knew how simple to enter, the world would be trading!

Once you become talented with the language that becomes a new skin to you, lifestyle trading becomes more fun than you ever imagined. The first point that the beginner needs to remember is that anyone can trade. A misunderstanding that many possess is that one does not have to have thousands of dollars to enter this sector. Start small, increase your growth on paper and take off trading!

Utilizing the elementary DVD provided by the Lifestyle Trader program, you will learn step-by-step decisions such as how to make money in a decreasing market, making money trading foreign money, marketing share insurance, and diversifying in the world markets. The ease of a DVD lets you to go through and rewind as many times as necessary then store as a constant study guide.

There are countless ideas along the process using the Lifestyle Trader program that will aid one in capturing a different way of seeing moneymaking potential. Many of these features can aid you in other areas of moneymaking opportunities also. Increasing your confidence and self-worth, how to identify between your left and right side of the brain and capitalizing on both, what high probability trading is and how to utilize and removing that brainwashing thought process from your head that it is not possible to make lots of cash.

Take a ride on the lifestyle trading train today and experience what you have been missing. Knowing the volatility in today’s market, now is the great time to get in and have fun with the ride. No matter if the market is flying high or low, knowing when to get in and jump out can keep your money flowing after you have the facts.

Easy Video Player Review: Why You Might Choose It Over Using Sites Like YouTube

If you’re the kind of person who does these sorts of things online: buy ebooks, subscribes to newsletters, register for a free mini course, join a membership website, etc. then you no doubt have noticed a new trend.

Bloggers and Internet Marketers alike these days seem to be using videos to help promote and sell their products more than ever before.

A few years back, embedding and streaming your own videos into your website was a bit of a pain unless you used a video site like YouTube or Vimeo. Even to this day using social sites like these to stream your videos is a great way to get your videos online and easily embedded into your website.

But there’s a few issues with broadcasting your videos by using such services.

Side-by-Side Comparison of Using Easy Video Player vs. YouTube

For the purpose of this discussion, we’ll just take the example of using YouTube since it’s the most popular video hosting social website. I realize, though, that other sites like Vimeo and have similar tools.

1. Price

YouTube is, Easy Video Player (a.k.a. EVP) is not.

Edge: YouTube

2. Setting Up Your Software and/or Account

With YouTube there’s no software you need to download and install, you simply create yourself an account on their website, write up a little profile for yourself, and then in a few short minutes you can start uploading your videos to YouTube.

With EVP, you have two options:

A) Install the video player script (i.e. program) onto your own web hosting account

B) Don’t install the script to your own account and just use it straight from EVP’s own website

For the most part (and to maintain complete control over your videos), it’s probably best to install the software to your own server. EVP gives you a very nice and easy to follow tutorial on how to install the script to your web hosting account; however, if you’re not use to installing programs like this or WordPress, then it could get a little confusing.

To further complicate the installation process, EVP also makes use of a database, so a user would have to set that up as well.

Edge: YouTube

3. Split Testing Your Videos

If you’re a video marketer and you’re serious about increasing your sales and conversions, split testing which video people see when they come to your site is extremely important.

Easy Video Player makes split testing very easy to set up. Simply log into the program (which is installed on your web hosting server) and pick two videos you’d like to split test. Then with a few clicks of the mouse you can generate a copy and paste code which you can paste right into your web page.

With YouTube on the other hand, if you wish to run a split test of two of your YouTube videos which are embedded on your page, you’ll have to use a third party program to do that, such as Google Website Optimizer.

Edge: Easy Video Player

4. Analytics

If you’re a video marketer, tracking your results and doing things like monitoring how long people watch your videos and what they do when the video ends is extremely important to you.

While YouTube offers a few analytical tools you can use in regards to your video, the tools which they provide are somewhat limited. On the other hand, Easy Video Player has an entire set of analytical tools you can attach to your video so you can monitor exactly what people are doing when they watch your video.

Here’s a short list of a few of the analytics which come with EVP:

- View how many plays

- View Completed Plays

- Track if a video lead to a sale

- See how much revenue a video has made you

- See how many Facebook Likes you’ve got

- View the number of Tweets your video got

- Geographical Stats

- Referrer Stats

Edge: Easy Video Player

5. Embed Email Optin Forms

The money is in the list.

We’ve all heard that one before. One of the best ways to build wealth and generate income online is by starting an email list (newsletter).

EVP has a really nice feature which allows you to embed HTML and JavaScript right into your video. So when your video finishes, you could display a “Buy Now” button or even an email optin form.

Edge: Easy Video Player

6. Ability To Create Squeeze Pages

If a video is meant to be a sales video, many times such videos are best embedded on a web page which has very little, if any, distractions. If you were to use YouTube for such a page, you’d have to create the page on your own, insert your links and buy images, and build the rest of the page.

With EVP, however, with just a few clicks of the mouse you can create a video web page which displays your video at the top of the page and a nice “Buy Now” buttons centered just below it.

You can also easily integrate a Facebook commenting system below the video.

Edge: Easy Video Player


If you’re looking to just simply upload some videos and show them on your blog or website, using services like YouTube, Vimeo, and is fine.

But if you’re serious about making money through the use of your videos, EVP is clearly the better choice.